Creating Music Together

Established in 2018

Why am I a strong musician?

Aspiring to work with passion

Being a youthful, fresh face in the music community, I make it a priority to put my passion into my work so that it is not only enjoyable for myself, but inspiring for someone like you.

Being a part of a team

Through my various, multifaceted experiences, I have a lot to offer and can work efficiently to cater to your needs.

Collaborating with you to make you feel best

With my flexibility in schedule, I want to put others first to allow you to find joy in making your own music.

Caprice by

Alice Ping Yee Ho

This was in part of the Contemporary Showcase Festival Toronto 2023. I was the Senior Nominee for the National Mary Gardiner Award, given the opportunity to perform at the Canadian Contemporary Showcase  Toronto in November. 

Let’s make music together…

Established in 2018, Erin has had multiple experiences teaching various students of different interests and levels. With her determination as a passionate teacher, there is room for you to explore piano playing too!


InitIal Meeting

We will establish an agreed communication platform and determine logistical details for our first trial lesson.


Trial Lesson

I will offer an initial free  trial lesson to indicate the student’s level and follow-up with potential next steps.


Curating Goals

I will curate a personalized plan to reach your personal goals as best as possible!

Available for Lessons. Let’s chat.

About Erin


Erin Yip is currently a third year university student attending the University of Toronto, St. George to complete her degree in Music Education, Classical Piano. Her various musical interests continue to keep her busy with multiple projects and opportunities offered in the GTA. Through academics, passion projects, and work experiences, Erin has gained a lot of insight in the balance of music teaching and creating a fulfilling career in the music industry. Some recent highlights in her career to date include the following: 

  • Freelance Piano Teaching at her home studio in Markham
  • Teaching Assistant for RCM exam preparations
  • Choir Manager for the Soprano-Alto Chorus at the University of Toronto
  • Orientation Co-Chair for Faculty of Music Orientation 
  • Faculty of Music Undergraduate Association (FMUA) Member in the University of Toronto

Contact Me



16th Ave & Woodbine

Markham, Ontario