Piano Studio

My home studio is located in the area of 16th and Woodbine in Markham. Recommended to drop off and pick up, as there is limited seating for waiting parents/guardians. 

Available on Zoom (online) or at the comfort of your own home, with additional commuting fees to be determined.


Click “Contact Erin” to book a free piano lesson and tell me a little about yourself on your music journey.

I have laid out some important information below that will help you understand my approach to enriching my students through learning the piano.

Teaching Philosophy

My main goal is creating lifelong musicians through my teaching and collaborative work. With most of my teaching based on RCM levels, I can cater to my student’s goals to create a repertoire list to work on. Depending on the interests of working toward an exam or playing for personal fulfillment, students will be catered to playing a variety of pieces. 

Especially with beginners, I try to interconnect basic music theory with their piano playing to relate to musical ideas they can create as artists. I try to take a student-centered approach; ensuring there is flexibility in what we decide to learn together and keep their interests involved. Overall, I like to design short-term goals to accomplish after every lesson in hopes to expand them to longer goals agreed with the students, parents, and myself as the teacher. 

Studio Space

Home Guidelines

Initial trial lesson will be free to determine level, goals, and final cost for weekly lessons to continue.

    1. Masks should be worn when symptoms of sickness are apparent; please notify me in advance.
    2. No shoes in my home; please come with or bring socks.
    3. Students will have a 10 minute window before and after the start time to enter. Lost time will not be reimbursed. 
    4. Payments are made via E-Transfer, cheque, or cash.

Weekly lesson times may change depending on time of year.

    1. September to April is more rigid with majority weekend-only openings.
    2. Summer months of May to August has more availability, subject to change.
    3. Lessons will be established at least 2 weeks in advance to confirm upcoming schedule.

Download the studio policy for more details: